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history we've come across great

people on places that have made a mark

on mankind and its development and today

we're going to visit a beautiful place

of culture entertainment in history a

city that is located in Maharashtra

India the city known as Mumbai now I'll

connect to the facts guys the channel we

look at cultures and people from all

over the world and today we are going to

look at one of the biggest cities in the


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probably Boston owes like busses pretty

cool City now Mumbai is a beautiful

place set on a lovely coastline but

let's talk about the obvious its

population Mumbai is one of the current

35 cities listed as a mega city which

means they have a population of over 10

million the as of 2011 the city

currently has 12 point 4 million people

but it's a metropolitan population sits

that around 18 million people and that

makes it the eighth largest metropolitan

area in the entire world

there isn't going to stop there because

experts say by 2020 it will have 28

million people making it the largest

city in the entire world not some of you

guys might already know that mom I was

originally named Bombay now this change

happened in 1995 because leadership's

enough push for the name change because

they wanted to do away with the

connection of the old English rule great

old word Bombay comes from the

Portuguese word beautiful bank and it is

also rumored that Mumbai is named after

the mama Debbie temple which is in the

city itself

now just like many great cities Mumbai

is known for its great amazing culture


itself hosts a street festival called

Ganesh chat theory and it is one of the

biggest festivals in India the festival

itself occurs for ten days where

everyone just pretty much parties on

streets of Mumbai and it sounds like a

lot of fun now he is known for his

extensive railway system as a matter of

fact a lot of you guys have asked us to

talk about the railway system of India

that's from a boy it was the first city

to have a train and the first train was

introduced on April 6th of 1853 it ran

between bori Bunder because now the

Chhatrapati Shivaji terminal and ran all

the way to Seine and since then it's

drones is a massive train system and

transport system that it is known as

today however my training system is also

one of the most dangerous in the entire

world as the trains are outdated and

need much repair now Mumbai or back then

Bombay was first settled in 1507 now

funny part is it is realistically a

collection of islands seven islands to

be exact they were once known as the

seven islands of Bombay in the sixteenth


and they were part of the Portuguese

territories now at one point the islands

were handed over to the English as part

of a dowry now this was a dowry of

Catherine begins when she married

Charles the second and by 1668 charles

ii used to lend out the island for

pounds of gold a year about two hundred

years later in 1845 these islands had

been merged together under the land

reclamation project but what were the

original islands of Bombay they were the

island of Bombay colaba

old woman's Island or little Pallava

Mahim Mazza gone Carol and wooly you

also what makes Mumbai a very

interesting city compared to others one

thing for certain is the regi of Gandhi

Sea Link which is a cable-stayed bridge

now this

cost 240 million dollars and it took a

nine years to make but one of the most

fascinating things about this steel

cable bridge is that if you were to take

all the steel that is used in the bridge

it would encompass the girth of the

entire planet that is a lot of Steel and

on top of that one of the most amazing

things that makes Mumbai well well-known

throughout the entire world

it's in the heart of the city lies the

sanjay gandhi national park kind of like

Central Park in New York but way bigger

as it stands at 104 to longer Square and

it's not just a pretty park where you

can go and visit it's also a protected

zone and habitat which was established

in 1969 and it is believed that the park

itself is home to a thousand species of

plant 251 my Kotori bird species 50,000

insects 40 species of mammals and let's

not forget about the reptiles or the

amphibians as well

mmm bye is also greatly known for its

diverse architecture currently it has a

hundred six buildings that are 40 fours

or over with the highest being the twin

Imperial towers one and two coming in at

61 floors and being a height of 833 feet

but they aren't stopping there because

the city has planned for 89 new

buildings with world one aiming to be

the tallest coming out at 117 floors or

1,450 feet high and when it's finished

it will be the crown jewel of Mumbai and

speaking about building is what is the

most expensive building in Mumbai some

you may already know this that the

Antilla is the most expensive resident

or house in the entire world and we've

actually looked at this building in one

of our previous India videos the other

house is pretty much estimated to be

worth a billion dollars which has a

staff of over 600 and 600 rooms and

though it only has 27 worst it stands at

five hundred and sixty eight feet tall

not only are we talked about how

populated Mumbai is and with population

and crowd come difficulties in order to

deal with the crowds of rush-hour Mumbai

introduced the world famous skyline

apparently they are currently the only

city to have a skywalk

with 37 of them all over the city the

first one was constructed in 2008 and

they are meant to move commuting traffic

away from bus stations and shopping

malls and lastly to finish it off the

city is not great with its great economy

and the Bombay Stock Exchange is the

oldest Stock Exchange in all of Asia and

it was established in 1855 but then

moved to Delilah Street where it is

currently known in 1875 currently it

stands at the 11th largest Stock

Exchange in the world and it also claims

to be the world's fastest Stock Exchange

with trade speeds at 6 microseconds