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Facts of India

Let's talk About everything and everything whether it would be space the cosmos celebrities or your body or

[in] this case

India India it is huge as a matter of fact it's so big it makes up

Seventeen point five percent of the entire world's population

But you know what there are some

interesting and

Shocking facts about India that you guys need to know about so let's find out what they are and before we get

into [it] I

Want to know if you guys could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

[so] you got number one the population makes up seventeen point five percent of the world's population

But how big is that exactly well the population of India currently sits at [1.2] billion people and guess?

What guys it's steady rising as a matter of truth by?
2022 they predict that it'll positively destroy China's population and by
2050 there [will] be 1.6 billion people living in India Mukunda La is a mass
pilgrimage of religion wherever individuals gather around a sacred stream to wash in
2013 the Kumbh Mela
Estimated over a hundred and twenty million people and on February tenth of that year 30 million people
came to the festival as a matter
Of truth it absolutely was therefore massive that you simply might see it from house at one purpose
India was an island a hundred million years ago back in the dinosaur days it broke off from the
Gondwana Land
and it moved North
Eventually fucking into asia and since of this collision that's why we've got the range mountains
which are the youngest but also the biggest
Mountains in India there are More road deaths than in any other country
With AN approximation of 100 and fifteen thousand individuals dying a year from motorized vehicle accidents
now. Here's a shocking fact
I continuously thought that hollywood was just like the biggest industry within the entire world, but actually

India is
they produce over
1,100 films a year and a great deal of you guys would possibly suppose Ohio, they're all bollywood films
But that is not really true film industry solely produces regarding two hundred of them in India they need six

Yeah, I know we only have like four you got spring you got summer you got monsoon
You've got season and so of [course] you get winter on the other hand there is another one known as per

vernal o.k.
so for this next one
You know after you guys ready to a rustic and typically you wish to bring some currency back one thing
Maybe to place in your album well believe it or not you cannot try this in India as a result of it's really illegal
to leave the country with any form of Indian currency
Mumbai is one of the most
Cities on the planet as a matter of fact it's so polluted that if you spend one day there they say it equals a
Oh, how do people live there for more than like three days in certain states in India if you're a police officer
And you grow a moustache you will get a pay increase
I'm just waiting for them to get like Monocles
And maybe some high hats and so they're going to be very elegant India is additionally a rustic that has not
Invaded a country in [ten] thousand years although some scholars say [it] was a hundred thousand years
But this is often thanks to the actual fact that India was a awfully wealthy nation and truly kings were too

busy fighting amongst
In India there are more mobile phones than there are toilets in the entire country wow okay?
This is not a stunning truth, but this is really one for me you guys know these things yeah these awesome
looking formal jackets
I know, they're so cool right? Well, they're called Schwann [e's] and I want one
That's simply the actual fact immediately if you head to India watch out of the youngsters within the college
61% of them have a disease that causes germs on their hands so don't be shaken anybody without sanitizing
We all love spices [some] people like it
Hot some individuals adore it gentle, but a lot of you guys in [first] world nations may think hey
Well, we tend to get our spices from lightweight places like North American nation
But that's really not true as a result of seventieth of the spices that ar sold-out worldwide
[come] all the approach from India currently for US here in North [America]
most of us are sitting
Complaining about not enough female leads in Hollywood or Donald trump or we're complaining about first
world issues in the meantime in India they need [a] kid
Slavery problem slavery is still thing in India and believe it or not they [think] that there's over 14 million
people in
Slavery and most of them ar all kids and with great care you recognize most of those kids ar operating in

Quarries not good in India there's an airline company called go air and speaking of females from the last one
this company only hires
Females why as a result of well {they say|they assert|they ar saying} [that] females are lighter and since of that

they save to 5 hundred
Thousand US greenbacks a year merely on fuel bills in India ar nice for the blind. This is because they have
Braille on them
But they are not the sole country to try to to it countries like Russia, China, Mexico and Israel also do that as

India's also claimed that it has the most diverse amount of languages in the country in 1961 a census went
around totaling
1652 languages within the country massive ones ar well, you guessed it hindi, Bengali
There's also telugu marathi and urgent for me. I've continuously fair-haired the animals from India they are

approach higher
than the ones in North America
I mean elephants ar simply super cool, but did you know [that] there are over 90 thousand species of animals
in India?
350 of them are animals there are
1200 sorts of Birds and as for plant species whereas there is over
50,000 of them and last however not least guys India encompasses a nice house exploration program

And it's getting better year by year in 2009 India was the first country [to] discover water on the moon

And it makes you wonder what else they will create and what else they will discover guys?

I'm not gonna Lie [this] has been an awesome treat for me to talk about to be real

There's so many things about India that I learned

Yeah, India is home to the biggest home and by that
[I] mean a guy has the biggest family ever in the entire world as a matter of fact he is [39] wives and
[94] Children his name is Iona Chana and man
I just [don't] want to know what the grocery bill would be like did you know [that] in India it has the lowest
meat consumption?
Per person [this] is because a majority of the country are all
Vegetarians would you just love that if we could do that in North America here [be] like [yo] guys you're all
Sorry, but you can't eat steak no more
I don't know
They ar all vegetarians believe it or not cows ar a large artefact therein country and that they are thus
Important that each cow has got to have a photograph
Id currently this can be reasonably a tragic reality
But did you recognize that each hour a lady dies from dower connected Crimes the torch may be a very
thing over here, [but] over there in India it's
Extremely taboo. This is because sex toys are completely illegal in the country
but snakes and ladders
Isn't that's kind of a good thing to play with it was a game that was invented in the India
But eventually captive to UK wherever it absolutely was picked up by John Milton Bradley did you recognize

that India was the primary
country to invent?
Cataract surgery, and it started all the way back in the third century it was invented by a physician named
They used a tool called the Jabber, [Mookie], Salaka
And this was pretty much a curved needle that would loosen your lens and push your cataract out of the field
of vision
After that the eye would be soaked in warm water, and it apparently worked
53% of houses in India don't have bathrooms
[oh], God, that's got a stink india is also home to the largest
Postal service in the entire world they have over
54,000 communication offices and as a matter of reality they [even] have a floating one that was created in
2011 which is on the dow lake in srinagar. Have you ever seen this Brij?
It's got the bandra whirly ceiling and it is one of the most spectacular
Bridges in the entire world [what's] amazing about this bridge is if you were to combine all the steel wires
used to make the bridge
It would stretch bent equal the whole world
Circumference and on prime of that the bridge weighs regarding fifty thousand elephants Annie was

conjointly the primary
country to produce refined sugar now
Right now you are looking at the [lonar] [lake] which is a saltwater lake in
Maharashtra and it is a terribly rare form of lake as a result of like scrutinize it. Look at it
Shape it was created from a meteorite crashing into earth [now] one of my favorite actors Ben, Kingsley
That's actually not his name his original name is Krishna
pandit Benji
and yes his
Ancestry comes all the way back from India also chess was invented in this country and the first person win a
world championship
In chess was Viswanathan anand, okay?
So you are in all probability carrying garments immediately unless after all
You know you're in the tub watching this completely naked or naked on the couch or naked in a park which
would be totally inappropriate
But if you're carrying garments believe it or not you're in all probability carrying one thing that was created in

India no
I'm not talking Denim. I'm talking [buttons] son the button was originally unreal and free in India
5000 Years ago [the] downside is it was really just made out of seashells
[he] was conjointly the primary country to create the zero sign
That's right
This weird little kind of slanted thing that looks kind of like it wants to be an egg before this the babylonians
Represented the 0 with a blank space, but this ended up getting really confusing so instead
They just place a dot however by five hundred ad arab [hata] who's one in every of the terribly 1st

mathematicians and astronomers he
decided note
We're going to totally change [the] 0 and make it like an o now we've all heard of blood diamonds
They're diamonds in continent and everybody likes to suppose yea diamonds. They only come from Africa, but
believe it or not before
1986 {india|India|Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} was the quantity one country wherever

you may get diamonds [in] India they rack regarding twenty
eight thousand nine hundred and four
Murders p.a. [wow] that is unhealthy [the] 1st granite temple was conjointly in-built India the brandsmart
Temple was built in the 11th century and also it was only
Created in five years now the country might be smaller than most countries
But it's the biggest road network if you were to require all the roads and mix them along
They would equal no less than 1.9 million miles of road if you were to build that out in space
You could easily go to the moon as the moon is only
238 Miles, but overall, I just want to list off some of the amazing
mathematical accomplishments that India has well done this country was the first ones to invent Pi
Trigonometry calculus and even my good old-fashioned favorite which I failed at all the time
Algebra hate pure mathematics last however not least guys you recognize what i am simply gonna throw an

additional one in there [for]
India was also the first country to introduce
Well what keeps your hair clean shampoo now the word comes from Hindustan
Ease [Shampoo] spell ch ampo. [oh] now this goes all the way back to
1762 this was just about a head massage that had stuff like al-Khali
& of course natural fragrances of course that's also throw some natural oils in there as well
but eventually shampoo was introduced to britain by
Sake Dean Muhammad UN agency created tiny retailers that were just about steam and brine baths either
way guys