Sunday, August 11, 2019

Bible Facts

10. The Red Sea
     In the Book of Exodus God gives Moses thepower to part the red sea, allowing the Israelites to escape Egypt.
     US scientists have shown that the parting of the sea could have been caused by a natural
phenomenon known as ‘wind set-down’. This type of wind is strong enough to push back the sea and reveal a dry path of land, enabling people to walk safely. When researchers created a simulation of a
wind set down and applied it to the river, they discovered that an easterly wind blowing at 1010 KMPH for 12 hours would have pushed back the sea for four hours. And this would
have given the Israelites enough time to cross.
Sources: BBC, ABC News
9. Noah’s Ark
Noah designed associate ark sufficiently big to carry 2 of
every animal, to protect them against a huge
Based on the animals around at that time,
he would have saved around 35,000 species.
The bible states that the ark would have been
144 meters long. Scientists say that it’s
possible for a boat of this size to stay afloat
with 70,000 animals on board.
Carpenter John Huibers [HWE-BERS] spent three
years and $1.5 million building a full-scale
replica of Noah’s Ark. The ark is now a
tourist attraction in the Netherlands, boasting
2 cinemas and a restaurant.
Sources: The Guardian, The Telegraph, CNN
8. The Burning Bush
In the Book of Exodus a bush spontaneously
combusts before Moses and speaks to him as
the voice of God.
Physicist Colin Humphreys of Cambridge University
speculates that the bush - most likely an
acacia [AK-AY-SHIA] bush - happened to be
growing over a volcanic vent, which caused
it to burst into flames due to escaping heat.
Psychology professor Benny Shanon believes
that the voice of god detected by Moses was a
result of him taking a local hallucinogenic
substance. It would have been derived from
leaves of the ayahuasca [AY-A-WASCA] plant,
found in the location that the story takes
Sources: ABC News
7. Egypt’s 10 Plagues
God punished the Pharaoh of Egypt with 10
plagues after he was found guilty of ill-treating
the Israelites.
Each of the 10 plagues has now been proved
possible by science.
The River Nile turning into blood could have
been caused by the Burgundy Blood algae, which
causes water to turn blood red.
These algae may have attracted the frogs,
lice and flies. When stressed, tadpoles develop
faster in to frogs. As the frogs died, the
insects would have flourished.
Insects carry diseases which could have caused
plagues five and six - diseased livestock
and boils.
The final plagues could be due to one of the
biggest volcanic eruptions in human history,
which occurred 3,500 years ago, bringing hail
and locusts to Egypt.
Finally, a fungus that poisoned grain supplies
could have caused the death of the first born
of Egypt.
Source: The Telegraph
6. Genesis Flood
In the Book of Genesis God creates a huge
flood to wipe out human corruption by making
the Earth rain for forty days and forty nights.
As recently as ten,000 BC most of the modern
world was hidden under a layer of ice. A few
thousand years later, the planet warmed up.
Sea levels began to rise in 5000 BC and the
Mediterranean Sea rose high enough to flood
According to scientists behind this theory,
the water would have rushed in at 200 times
the force of Niagara Falls. This would have
submerged around 150,000 square kilometers
[58,000 sq mi] of land, killing thousands
of people.
Sources: The Guardian, Institute for Creation
5. Sodom and Gomorrah
In the bible God destroyed these two ancient
cities situated along the plain of the Jordan
River because of the sins of their inhabitants.
The Book of Genesis reports that ‘the Lord
rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and
fire out of the Heaven…’
In 2008 an ancient clay tablet was identified
as a witness account of an asteroid in 700BC.
The asteroid is believed to have crushed the
cities, which existed between what is now
Israel and Jordan.
Sources: Source: BBC History
4. Walls of Jericho
Jericho was the primary town to fall once the
Israelites, led by Joshua, conquered their
promised land.
Jericho was located in the middle of the rift
valley, an unstable area prone to seismic
activity. According to Dr. Amos Nur, the events
described in the bible are consistent with
known earthquake activity in the region.
Forensic anthropologist Michael Finnegan has
discovered Bronze Age remains of men who died
there, indicating earthquake activity right
around the time that the story would have
taken place.
Source: NY Times
3. The Healings
Jesus was known for his miracles, which healed
the sick. He cured fevers, arthritis, epilepsy,
and even restored a man’s ability to walk.
It is entirely possible that Jesus’ healings
could have been down to a placebo, or psychosomatic
In 2015 scientists managed to make a 26-year-old
paralyzed man walk for the first time in five
years. Neurologists essentially tricked his
brain in to thinking he could use his legs.
Sources: The Telegraph,
2. The Dead Rising
The bible lists ten separate occasions when
God bought people back to life.
However, it is extremely likely that the people
were ne'er dead within the initial place, and rather
that they had been presumed dead due to lack
of scientific knowledge.
Researcher William Tebb found that in the
17th century there were 219 instances of narrow
escapes from premature burial. There were
also 149 cases of actual premature burial,
10 cases in which bodies were accidentally
dissected before death, and two cases in which
embalming was started on the not-yet dead.
Sources: Bible Study/Premature Burial: How
It May Be Prevented
Source: BBC History
1. Jesus Walking On Water
One of the most recognizable miracles from
the bible is Jesus walking on water.
Partially submerged ice patches, known as
‘springs ice’, could be the cause of Jesus’
miracle. The thick, transparent ice forms
when salty springs flow into a freshwater
lake, preventing the lake from freezing entirely.
These conditions perfectly describe the Sea
of Galilee at the time of the miracle.