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Bitcoin Facts

12 CRAZY Facts About Bitcoin
The astounding success of this cryptocurrency
might be a flash in the pan but it also might
be revolutionizing our global infrastructure.
Whatever the case may be there are some outrageous
stories behind it.
Here are 12 CRAZY Facts About Bitcoin!
“Winklevoss Twins”-You might recognize
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, known more popularly
as the Winklevoss Twins, from their role in
trying to wrangle Facebook away from Mark
Zuckerberg on their claim that it was their
invention, but you might not be aware of their
immense success in the world of bitcoin.
When they successfully sued Zuckerberg in
2011 for 65 million dollars they didn’t
just wipe their tears with the cash, they
invested $11 million of it into bitcoin.
When they converted their money into bitcoin
the going rate was solely $120 per bitcoin however
that investment paid off thousands of times
over for them as the the going rate is now
over $17,000 making their portfolio worth
over $1 billion dollars, making them the first
bitcoin billionaires.
Though they still are light years away from
Zuckerberg’s net worth of over $70 billion
dollars, if bitcoin keeps going up they might
catch him one day.
In order for this to happen the price of a
bitcoin would need to reach $774,000.
“Mt. Gox”- Mt. Gox was once a beacon of
achievement in the bitcoin world.
It was at one purpose the foremost productive web site
for the exchange of bitcoin, but due to some
extremely poor leadership and some brazen
hackers they quickly became the mascot for
the fickle nature of dealing in the cryptocurrency
Mt. Gox was a Japan-based bitcoin exchange
website that at its peak in 2013 was price
over half a billion dollars.
Because its CEO Mark Karpeles didn’t take
the necessary precautionary measures and update
his security software, in 2014 the company
fell victim to hackers who stole over 460
million dollars worth of bitcoins.
This combined with several lawsuits from competing
companies, angry customers and asset seizures
by the U.S. government forced the once (although
briefly) mighty company to declare bankruptcy
and take itself offline.
As of 2017, there are still many unsatisfied
customers who have been pining for years to
reach some sort of settlement from Mt. Gox
and Karpales and have yet to be compensated.
“Professional Investment”- Bitcoin reached
new heights in its bid to be taken seriously
as a sustainable currency when two Chicago
based exchanges, CME and CBOE decided that
they will begin trading in bitcoin futures.
This means that investors will now be able
to get their own piece of this increasingly
lucrative market and may even skyrocket the
price of bitcoin into the stratosphere.
These exchanges will actually be basing the
prices of bitcoin shares off of their current
auction price as listed by the Gemini Trust.
Which is actually another incredibly successful
venture started by the Winklevoss twins.
With the ability for bitcoin futures to be
traded in such a competitive world arena it
adds a small amount of stability to a volatile
entity and one could see how it could one
day overtake centralized currency.
“James Howells”- Welshman James Howells
mined some 7,500 bitcoins in 2009 when they
were worth little over $1 each.
He subsequently fell out of the hobby and
after accidentally spilling liquid on the
computer he dismantled it and stowed the hard
drive which contained his bitcoin wallet in
a desk.
He eventually forgot about his cache of bitcoins
and while cleaning out his office in 2013,
Howells decided to throw the hard drive away.
A couple months later he heard that the price
of bitcoins had risen to $1,000 and remembered
the tokens he had obtained in 2009 and his
heart dropped.
He quickly rushed to the landfill where his
neighborhood trash was put and begin frantically
Unfortunately he has yet to find the missing
hard drive though he still continues to search.
The coins in his wallet are currently worth
over 7 and a half million dollars.
“FBI’s Wallet”- You might be wondering
who some of the richest people in the world
are in terms of bitcoins.
Well for one of them we need to look no further
than the United States’ own Federal Bureau
of Investigation.
The FBI is currently in possession of the
largest bitcoin wallet which they obtained
when the seized the assets of the black market
site Silk Road which used bitcoins in an attempt
to keep their illicit dealings anonymous.
When they raided the site they took control
of the operator, Ross Ulbricht’s wallet,
which contained over 144,000 bitcoins.
These bitcoins are worth an estimated two
and half billion dollars as of today, making
the FBI owners of the second biggest bitcoin
wallet, just ahead of the Winklevoss Twins.

“The Creator”- So if the FBI is number
two and the Winklevosses are number three

in terms of bitcoin wealth who is number one?

Well that title is believed to be held by
none other than the cryptocurrency’s shadowy

creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Before leaving bitcoin to its own devices
it is believed that Nakamoto mined over one

million bitcoins which he stored in several
different wallets.

If you conceded these wallets contents as
being worth at least a million dollars it

would put Nakamoto's worth at over 17 billion

So who is this digital billionaire?

Well frankly no one really knows.

There are several different conspiracies as
to his or her identity and there are some

who say that Nakamoto is in fact a group of

Whatever the case may be we wonder whether
or not Nakamoto will eventually come forward

and take credit for the bitcoin boom and give
us his predictions on its future.

Or at least tell us what he spends his riches


“Powerful Network”- There are currently
thousands of bitcoin mines around the globe

working 24/7 to compute their owners ways
to financially glory.

The ridiculous amount of computers involved
in some of these operations are staggering,

with companies paying outrageous electricity
bills to keep their systems churning through


It was recently estimated that if you added
the power of all these mines together that

the network they create would be over 250
times faster than that of the combined computing

strength of the top 500 supercomputers in
the world.

Of course these supercomputers are usually
built to solve or process hundreds of extremely

complex equations at once whereas the systems
built by bitcoin miners are only meant for

the comparatively simple mathematics needed
to dig bitcoins out of the virtual ether.


“Bits of Pizza”- In 2010, when bitcoin
was still in its relative infancy Lazlo Hanyecz

had a hunger for pizza that changed the cryptocurrency

On May 22 of that year he posted to the BitcoinTalk
forum asking if anyone would take 10,000 bitcoins,

worth about $40 at the time for two pizzas.

A fellow bitcoin enthusiast agreed and accepted
the bitcoins then order Lazlo two large pizzas

from Papa John’s, completing what is considered
the first exchange of bitcoins for real-world

goods setting the mold for how these types
of transactions would work in the future.

This day has become known as Bitcoin Pizza
Day and bitcoin users all over the world celebrate

it by chowing down on pizza and noting how
much that pizza would’ve been worth today.

As of 2017 the 10,000 bitcoins Lazlo spent
on pizza would be worth a staggering $20,509,958.

So cheers to Lazlo, we hope you didn’t splurge
all of your future fortune on a few slices

of Papa John’s!


“China’s Chunk”- Over the past two decades
it seems like China has always been ahead

of the tech and financial game so it might
not surprise you that they are the leading

country in the bitcoin mining industry.

In fact it is estimated that China controls
over 70% of bitcoin’s network mining.

There are few different bitcoin mining megacopmanies
in China but one of the most prominent of

them is Bitmain.

Bitmain’s headquarters is in China’s capital
city of Beijing and not only owns several

bitcoin mining facilities but manufactures
and sells the complex rigs needed for serious

mining operations.

It is believed that well over half of the
mining rigs being used in the world today

were made by Bitmain.

This cutting out the middle-man type of business
model has set up Bitmain as a force to be

reckoned with down the road if bitcoin continues
to surge in value.


“Sure, We’ll Take ‘Em”- Bitcoins though
becoming more and more popular as an acceptable

form of currency for businesses everywhere,
are still viewed as financially volatile so

your curiosity might lead you to question
what types of companies currently accept them

as payment.

When they first started becoming popular cryptocurrencies
were viewed as being primarily for underhanded

or illegal dealings in which one wants to
remain anonymous.

But as their value increased and their staying
power was proven some companies brushed off

the stigma associated with bitcoin and jumped
at the chance to open themselves up to a new


At first it was mainly companies like online
dating or shopping sites that forayed into

bitcoin but more and more companies are getting
hip to the scene.

Large companies such as Lionsgate Films, Tesla
and even some Re/Max Real Estate Franchises

have started accepting

There are even some nonprofits who have started
accepting them in order to increase donations

like Wikipedia and Save the Children.

Whats even more fascinating is that the space
tourism branch of Virgin called Virgin Galactic

accepts bitcoins as a method to pay for future
tickets on one of their space cruises.

A ticket on one of these flights currently
costs an estimated 98 Bitcoins, equal to $250,000,

and yes, the Winklevosses already have theirs.

But the insanity doesn’t stop there!

Reportedly, the owner of two Montessori pre-schools
in New York City has stopped accepting credit

cards as a form of payment but will accept

In 2013, in the country of Cyprus, which had
fallen on hard economic times, the University

of Nicosia became the first university in
the world to accept bitcoins for tuition.

The University is also trying to head the
future off at the pass in other way, such

as offering extensive courses in blockchains
and other aspects of cryptocurrency.


“Unacceptable”- However many companies
and countries there are that become hip to

bitcoin there are still many who are afraid
of its impact on their own centralized banking

systems and the international economy.

These fears have caused some countries to
make the currency illegal.

Bitcoin is currently illegal in Thailand,
Bangladesh, Iceland, Ecuador, Vietnam, Bolivia

and Kyrgyzstan.

Nepal became the most recent country to ban
bitcoins in 2017.

Though bitcoin may technically be legal in
all other countries, most governments are

still extremely wary of the currency and may
have strict laws in place regarding the usage

of bitcoin.

You can also bet that anyone making large
exchanges of bitcoins is sure to come under

the scrutiny of the various law enforcement
agencies and the taxmen of their respective


On a positive note for bitcoin users some
countries have openly embraced bitcoin and

we don’t only mean China.

In fact there are currently 55 countries that
have some form of bitcoin ATM.

These are known as BTM’s by bitcoin users
and are used to conveniently transfer, make

purchases and send payments when on the go.

There are also over 7 different types of bitcoin
debit cards available, some which can be used

at these BTMs.

Amazingly there are over 1,000 BTMs in world
right now ,the vast majority of them located

in the United States.


“Who Needs Cash?”- As casual observer
who doesn’t fully understand the complexity

of this new age of digital currency it may
be hard to see how their could be any way

to really use bitcoins in daily life but one
couple from Provo, Utah survived using only

bitcoins for three months.

Austin Craig and Beccy Bingham decided to
make a documentary about having to live with

only paying for things via bitcoin for 90
days and though they had to bend their own

rules a bit to succeed, they did.

Admittedly it was extremely difficult for
them as most places, including necessary companies

that control things like electricity and water,
still do not accept bitcoin so they had to

be clever by convincing those that might not
normally accept them to accept them or by

getting someone to pay for these things for
them and reimburse them with bitcoin.

Though the last part sounds like cheating,
the main goal of their documentary was to

raise awareness to the cryptocurrency and
better define its real-world applications.

Do you think bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
are destined for failure?

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Ancient Aliens Facts

we discuss three of the
most compelling mysteries

that suggest the presence
of ancient aliens.

So, let's drop some sweet knowledge.

- I'm already fed up with
the folders by the way.

Looks too official considering

the nonsense that is within.

- The existence of aliens,
or extraterrestrials

has long been one of the
great mysteries of the world.

According to a 2015 survey
conducted by,

about 54% of America, 56% of Germany

and 52% of the UK, believe in

extraterrestrial intelligent life.

That being said, history seems to indicate

that aliens may have visited
our world in ancient times,

aiding us at the brink of civilization.

There are cave paintings
like this one from Australia

that may be up to 5,000 years old

that some interpret as
creatures wearing space suits.

Or this painting from 8,000
BC in the Sahara desert

that illustrates what
appear to be spacemen

leading natives in a line.

- They're just people.
What're you talking about?

- I'm just saying what
people interpret them as.

- That's a basket of fruit.

- How do you think
that's a basket of fruit?

- It's just a basket
of fruit on their head.

- There's two of them
with baskets of fruit?

And everyone else

- Why does that one in the
back also have a little basket?

- Maybe it's a child

- No

_ Look how small the rest are.

Why are these so large?

- Here's a drawing of a Mayan carving

that shows a man attached to what

some construe as an oxygen source,

as he operates controls in
what appears to be a spaceship.

Other fascinating objects
include this hieroglyph

from the temple of Seti I that dates back

to the 14th century BC.

The glyph appears to
contain hovering spacecrafts

and modern day flying
machinery such as helicopters.

- Why would there be a helicopter?

- I don't know, why would they
know there's a helicopter?

- Are they time-traveling?

- Possibly, I don't know.

Why would they know that unless they were

unless there was some kind
of intelligent civilization

that visited them that would
be able to show these things?

- So the aliens show up,

show them pictures of
helicopters, and fly away.

- I mean, this isn't the
entire, I mean this is

what we've discovered
so far, there could be

- Well I can't wait to see the rest of it.

- (laughs) Okay.

- I can't wait to see a poster of

the motion picture Wedding Crashers

- (laughs) Okay.

- And well, some lava lamps

- Additionally a funerary marker

from roughly 100 BC shows a woman

presenting what some consider a laptop

with UBS ports.

- How do they charge it?

- I don't know.

- Why are there USB ports on it if

they don't have thumbnail drives?

- I don't know. I'm just
saying what (laughs)

- What are they looking at on it?

There's no internet.

Do they have Photoshop?

- And finally here's a hieroglyph from

Hathor Temple in Egypt that shows workers

operating what appeared to
be enormous light bulbs.

Perhaps explaining how
artists were able to see

when drawing elaborate
hieroglyphs inside their tombs.

- What are you drawing?

- Ryan, here's you with three butt cheeks

- (laughs)

- I've drawn it.

Now it exists.

- Why do I have little penguin arms?

- (laughs) I don't know,

why do you have little penguin arms?

That's a good question.

Here's you with little penguin
arms and three butt cheeks.

I've drawn it so it must be real.

- But beyond these small
scattered references

to alien and modern technology,

there are entire cities, civilizations,

and architectural undertakings
that make us question

if we've always been alone.

What follows are the best
mysteries that history

has to offer in regards to ancient aliens.

- The first mystery we'll discuss
is the Dogon and Sirius B.

The Dogon are a tribal
group in west Africa,

south of Timbuktu in the Republic of Mali

that settled sometime between
the 10th and 13th centuries.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the studies of

french anthropologist Marcel Griaule

and Germain Dieterlen
revealed that the Dogon

knew a surprising amount
of modern astronomy.

According to their
studies, the Dogon believed

these things, all of which
are scientific facts:

The planets orbit the sun.

The earth and other planets
rotate on their axis.

Saturn has a ring.

Jupiter has four moons.
And finally, that the
star Sirius is actually
part of a double star system containing
a star called Sirius B
that has a 50 year orbit
and is invisible to the naked human eye.
Knowledge of how planets orbit would not
require advanced technology.
However, to know about Saturn's
ring and Jupiter's moon,
would require remarkable eyesight
and an extremely clear sky.
But what is truly
astonishing, is the Dogon's
knowledge of the star Sirius B.
Especially when you consider the fact
that scientists were only able to discern
information about Sirius B with the use of
quantum mechanics, relativity,
and advanced telescopes.
This leads some to believe that the Dogon
were taught about Sirius B
by a far more advanced civilization.
Dogon mythology reportedly speaks of
them being visited by a set of beings
referred to as the Nommo, who according to
author Robert Temple,
are amphibious beings
from the Sirius star system.
- That's cool.
- You have nothing to
say about any of that?
- i'll fight you tooth and nail once
it comes to ghoulie ghosts,
but aliens are a little more probable.
- I win.
- No you don't win.
- I think I won.
- Because I'm sure you have plenty of
other stuff on here that's very dumb.
- Though, some people have other theories,
such as Robert Burnham, who believes
that the Dogon could have known about
Sirius B due to extraordinary eyesight.
He theorizes that with a ten inch
reflecting telescope and clear skies,
Sirius B could have been seen.
However, if this were true,
the Dogon would also been able to see
Uranus, Neptune and
other cosmic observations
which they did not.
Another doubter is author Carl Sagan,
who believes that the
Dogon's cosmic knowledge
is suspiciously consistent
with an informed person
from the 1930's and '40's.
Sagan posits that the
french anthropologists
that visited during that time
and broke the story of the Dogon,
merely entwined Sirius B into the Dogon's
existing mythology to
make an interesting story.
- Well look, if Carl Sagan
believes it, I believe it.
- But he's just saying they lied.
- Well then he's probably
got an informed opinion.
He's Carl fucking Sagan.
- But all that said is
he thinks they lied.
- Well then I'm on board with Carl Sagan.
- But there's no evidence
to back that they lied.
- I don't give a shit, he's Carl Sagan.
- The second mystery we'll discuss
is the ancient city of
Tiwanaku in Bolivia.
A city that was high above sea level,
roughly 13,000 feet.
The people of Tiwanaku utilized massive
monolithic stones that
weigh up to 450 tons.
How the people of Tiwanaku
moved these enormous stones
remains a mystery.
Some suggest the stones
were pulled along logs,
but others believe aliens may have aided
with anti-gravity methods.
Also discovered on the site
were 200 elongated skulls,
possibly the heads of shamans, whose heads
were bound to that shape in an effort
to amplify their ability to
communicate with deities.
- I can't imagine that'd be
a pleasurable experience,
also you'd have to do that,
over like, your lifetime right?
Probably? I can't imagine
that's like a quick process.
- If I were like 5 years
old and my mom was like
"We're gonna start doing something now
"It's gonna last a long time,
"but, when it's all over,
your head will be very long."
- (laughs)
- I'd probably say
- (laughs)
- "I'm good. I'll just sign
up of karate or something."
- (laughs)
- Conceivably, these shamans
elongated their skulls
to emulate the deities that visited them.
Perhaps the main mystery of Tiwanaku,
is what instruments the people used
to carve their stones to
achieve such exactness
without the use of power tools.
For example, there are
H blocks that interlock
in a detailed and sophisticated manner
that require no mortar.
On site, there's also a
caLendar that some believe
dates millions of years back,
and made by visitors from outer space.
For good measure, near
Tiwanaku's Gate of the Sun
is a wall decorated with heads
that some believe could be aliens.
- If a thousand years
from now someone was like
"Wow, have you seen Signs?
"Signs, the motion picture
they made back in the day?
"They found aliens, it was crazy!
"They ruined a kid's birthday party"
- Okay see, you're talking
about a civilization
that is us now, that is able to perceive
advanced art and like expression that way.
We could separate
reality from not reality.
- Yeah
- What I'm positing is I don't know if
they had that capability back then,
especially in the cave paintings one.
- You don't think back then
- In the cave painting ones you think that
- You don't think they were creative?
My big takeaway here is
that art is not proof.

- Okay, sure.

- The third mystery is
arguably the strongest

indicator of ancient aliens:
The Pyramids of Giza.

The three Giza pyramids were constructed

between 2550 and 2490 BC in Egypt.

They were build as tombs for the pharaohs

meant to emulate and honor the gods.

The first and largest pyramid,

also referred to as The Great Pyramid,

was built around 2550
BC for the Pharaoh Khufu

and is around 481 feet tall.

Each side of the pyramid was 756 feet,

and the area of each side is 5.5 acres.

The angles at the base of the pyramid

are nearly perfect 90 degree angles.

All of this suggests that architects

had a high understanding of mathematics.

That being said, here are some things

that make me question who, or what,

those architects may have been.

- You're telling me those
architects used math?

Knock me down with a feather.

- (laughs) I'm suggesting, and
some people are suggesting,

that perhaps it was a
little too advanced based on

- That's so disrespectful.

- (laughs)

- The Great Pyramid was
constructed of roughly

2.3 million stones.

Each weighing between 2.5 to 15 tons.

In order to finish the
Great Pyramid in 23 years,

the workers would have
to set a block every

2.5 minutes every day of the week.

The Egyptians did not have
wheels, pulleys or work animals.

So how could they have
lifted and transported

these enormous stones with
that kind of efficiency?

- Can you imagine if you
spent your entire life

haling around heavy stones?

And someone was like

"No, they couldn't have done it,

"you know what it must have been?

"Space aliens. I seen 'em"

- Every 2.5 minutes, one block

every fucking day of the
week for 23 years straight?

- Could've had hustle days.

- I'm saying, it doesn't matter
how many slaves there were,

if they didn't have the tools to do it

- Well fact don't matter then

- No! I'm saying they
didn't have the tools

that is facts!

- Some have suggested a ramp structure,

but it would have had to be massive,

and no evidence of this
construction has been found.

- If I'm building a giant,
mighty, wondrous thing,

I'm not gonna be like

"Hey, can you do some
chiseling of uh, the ramp?

"We really gotta show off the ramp.

"It's a hell of a ramp."

- Are there blueprints for the pyramids?

- I'm sure there is, they had all

the mathematics and things broken down.

- Are they written is alien language?

- Oh my god.

- Additionally, The Great Pyramid

is perfectly aligned with magnetic north.

It is unknown how the Egyptians could

possibly have known this,

though some theorize it had to do

with observing the cosmos.

The perimeter of The Great Pyramid

when divided by twice the height

allegedly results in the
number pi up to its 15th digit.

This may also demonstrate a suspicious

knowledge of mathematics.

The pyramids of Giza are also considerably

well-preserved in comparison to

other pyramids around the world,

despite the Pyramids of
Giza being centuries older.

- Some have claimed
this is due to the fact

that they were upkept over
the past hundreds of years.

Though others believe it is

a sign of unearthly preservation.

Finally, the three pyramids align

with the pattern of Orion's belt,

a fact that some consider
an impossible feat

for the Egyptians to accomplish.

Unless of course, they were
building based on instructions.

- I don't doubt that they
were mathematically adept.

- Well the other two weren't math,

the magnetic north and

- Again, magnetic north, they
could just observe the sun.

- I don't know.

- So it was aliens?

- (laughs) Yes, so it was aliens.

- They showed up, gave 'em Ipads,

gave 'em a Zune, built the pyramids

left, and that's it.

- Sure, yeah, all those
things in that order.

- And they haven't been back since.

They haven't been back since.

- Yeah, they were like "Fuck humanity."

- What we covered are only
some of the ancient mysteries

that inspire wonder and curiosity

of our place in the universe.

And as with most stories that deal

with the existence of extraterrestrials,

the answer is never definite,

and always left to
personal interpretation.

Were we visited and aided
by aliens in ancient times?

Do aliens even exist?

The answer for now remains unsolved.

- I think they lied.

I have yet to see any compelling evidence.

- I thought that was compelling,

unless of course they lied.

- You think a lot of
things are compelling.

- I found that very compelling.
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Facts of India

Let's talk About everything and everything whether it would be space the cosmos celebrities or your body or

[in] this case

India India it is huge as a matter of fact it's so big it makes up

Seventeen point five percent of the entire world's population

But you know what there are some

interesting and

Shocking facts about India that you guys need to know about so let's find out what they are and before we get

into [it] I

Want to know if you guys could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

[so] you got number one the population makes up seventeen point five percent of the world's population

But how big is that exactly well the population of India currently sits at [1.2] billion people and guess?

What guys it's steady rising as a matter of truth by?
2022 they predict that it'll positively destroy China's population and by
2050 there [will] be 1.6 billion people living in India Mukunda La is a mass
pilgrimage of religion wherever individuals gather around a sacred stream to wash in
2013 the Kumbh Mela
Estimated over a hundred and twenty million people and on February tenth of that year 30 million people
came to the festival as a matter
Of truth it absolutely was therefore massive that you simply might see it from house at one purpose
India was an island a hundred million years ago back in the dinosaur days it broke off from the
Gondwana Land
and it moved North
Eventually fucking into asia and since of this collision that's why we've got the range mountains
which are the youngest but also the biggest
Mountains in India there are More road deaths than in any other country
With AN approximation of 100 and fifteen thousand individuals dying a year from motorized vehicle accidents
now. Here's a shocking fact
I continuously thought that hollywood was just like the biggest industry within the entire world, but actually

India is
they produce over
1,100 films a year and a great deal of you guys would possibly suppose Ohio, they're all bollywood films
But that is not really true film industry solely produces regarding two hundred of them in India they need six

Yeah, I know we only have like four you got spring you got summer you got monsoon
You've got season and so of [course] you get winter on the other hand there is another one known as per

vernal o.k.
so for this next one
You know after you guys ready to a rustic and typically you wish to bring some currency back one thing
Maybe to place in your album well believe it or not you cannot try this in India as a result of it's really illegal
to leave the country with any form of Indian currency
Mumbai is one of the most
Cities on the planet as a matter of fact it's so polluted that if you spend one day there they say it equals a
Oh, how do people live there for more than like three days in certain states in India if you're a police officer
And you grow a moustache you will get a pay increase
I'm just waiting for them to get like Monocles
And maybe some high hats and so they're going to be very elegant India is additionally a rustic that has not
Invaded a country in [ten] thousand years although some scholars say [it] was a hundred thousand years
But this is often thanks to the actual fact that India was a awfully wealthy nation and truly kings were too

busy fighting amongst
In India there are more mobile phones than there are toilets in the entire country wow okay?
This is not a stunning truth, but this is really one for me you guys know these things yeah these awesome
looking formal jackets
I know, they're so cool right? Well, they're called Schwann [e's] and I want one
That's simply the actual fact immediately if you head to India watch out of the youngsters within the college
61% of them have a disease that causes germs on their hands so don't be shaken anybody without sanitizing
We all love spices [some] people like it
Hot some individuals adore it gentle, but a lot of you guys in [first] world nations may think hey
Well, we tend to get our spices from lightweight places like North American nation
But that's really not true as a result of seventieth of the spices that ar sold-out worldwide
[come] all the approach from India currently for US here in North [America]
most of us are sitting
Complaining about not enough female leads in Hollywood or Donald trump or we're complaining about first
world issues in the meantime in India they need [a] kid
Slavery problem slavery is still thing in India and believe it or not they [think] that there's over 14 million
people in
Slavery and most of them ar all kids and with great care you recognize most of those kids ar operating in

Quarries not good in India there's an airline company called go air and speaking of females from the last one
this company only hires
Females why as a result of well {they say|they assert|they ar saying} [that] females are lighter and since of that

they save to 5 hundred
Thousand US greenbacks a year merely on fuel bills in India ar nice for the blind. This is because they have
Braille on them
But they are not the sole country to try to to it countries like Russia, China, Mexico and Israel also do that as

India's also claimed that it has the most diverse amount of languages in the country in 1961 a census went
around totaling
1652 languages within the country massive ones ar well, you guessed it hindi, Bengali
There's also telugu marathi and urgent for me. I've continuously fair-haired the animals from India they are

approach higher
than the ones in North America
I mean elephants ar simply super cool, but did you know [that] there are over 90 thousand species of animals
in India?
350 of them are animals there are
1200 sorts of Birds and as for plant species whereas there is over
50,000 of them and last however not least guys India encompasses a nice house exploration program

And it's getting better year by year in 2009 India was the first country [to] discover water on the moon

And it makes you wonder what else they will create and what else they will discover guys?

I'm not gonna Lie [this] has been an awesome treat for me to talk about to be real

There's so many things about India that I learned

Yeah, India is home to the biggest home and by that
[I] mean a guy has the biggest family ever in the entire world as a matter of fact he is [39] wives and
[94] Children his name is Iona Chana and man
I just [don't] want to know what the grocery bill would be like did you know [that] in India it has the lowest
meat consumption?
Per person [this] is because a majority of the country are all
Vegetarians would you just love that if we could do that in North America here [be] like [yo] guys you're all
Sorry, but you can't eat steak no more
I don't know
They ar all vegetarians believe it or not cows ar a large artefact therein country and that they are thus
Important that each cow has got to have a photograph
Id currently this can be reasonably a tragic reality
But did you recognize that each hour a lady dies from dower connected Crimes the torch may be a very
thing over here, [but] over there in India it's
Extremely taboo. This is because sex toys are completely illegal in the country
but snakes and ladders
Isn't that's kind of a good thing to play with it was a game that was invented in the India
But eventually captive to UK wherever it absolutely was picked up by John Milton Bradley did you recognize

that India was the primary
country to invent?
Cataract surgery, and it started all the way back in the third century it was invented by a physician named
They used a tool called the Jabber, [Mookie], Salaka
And this was pretty much a curved needle that would loosen your lens and push your cataract out of the field
of vision
After that the eye would be soaked in warm water, and it apparently worked
53% of houses in India don't have bathrooms
[oh], God, that's got a stink india is also home to the largest
Postal service in the entire world they have over
54,000 communication offices and as a matter of reality they [even] have a floating one that was created in
2011 which is on the dow lake in srinagar. Have you ever seen this Brij?
It's got the bandra whirly ceiling and it is one of the most spectacular
Bridges in the entire world [what's] amazing about this bridge is if you were to combine all the steel wires
used to make the bridge
It would stretch bent equal the whole world
Circumference and on prime of that the bridge weighs regarding fifty thousand elephants Annie was

conjointly the primary
country to produce refined sugar now
Right now you are looking at the [lonar] [lake] which is a saltwater lake in
Maharashtra and it is a terribly rare form of lake as a result of like scrutinize it. Look at it
Shape it was created from a meteorite crashing into earth [now] one of my favorite actors Ben, Kingsley
That's actually not his name his original name is Krishna
pandit Benji
and yes his
Ancestry comes all the way back from India also chess was invented in this country and the first person win a
world championship
In chess was Viswanathan anand, okay?
So you are in all probability carrying garments immediately unless after all
You know you're in the tub watching this completely naked or naked on the couch or naked in a park which
would be totally inappropriate
But if you're carrying garments believe it or not you're in all probability carrying one thing that was created in

India no
I'm not talking Denim. I'm talking [buttons] son the button was originally unreal and free in India
5000 Years ago [the] downside is it was really just made out of seashells
[he] was conjointly the primary country to create the zero sign
That's right
This weird little kind of slanted thing that looks kind of like it wants to be an egg before this the babylonians
Represented the 0 with a blank space, but this ended up getting really confusing so instead
They just place a dot however by five hundred ad arab [hata] who's one in every of the terribly 1st

mathematicians and astronomers he
decided note
We're going to totally change [the] 0 and make it like an o now we've all heard of blood diamonds
They're diamonds in continent and everybody likes to suppose yea diamonds. They only come from Africa, but
believe it or not before
1986 {india|India|Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} was the quantity one country wherever

you may get diamonds [in] India they rack regarding twenty
eight thousand nine hundred and four
Murders p.a. [wow] that is unhealthy [the] 1st granite temple was conjointly in-built India the brandsmart
Temple was built in the 11th century and also it was only
Created in five years now the country might be smaller than most countries
But it's the biggest road network if you were to require all the roads and mix them along
They would equal no less than 1.9 million miles of road if you were to build that out in space
You could easily go to the moon as the moon is only
238 Miles, but overall, I just want to list off some of the amazing
mathematical accomplishments that India has well done this country was the first ones to invent Pi
Trigonometry calculus and even my good old-fashioned favorite which I failed at all the time
Algebra hate pure mathematics last however not least guys you recognize what i am simply gonna throw an

additional one in there [for]
India was also the first country to introduce
Well what keeps your hair clean shampoo now the word comes from Hindustan
Ease [Shampoo] spell ch ampo. [oh] now this goes all the way back to
1762 this was just about a head massage that had stuff like al-Khali
& of course natural fragrances of course that's also throw some natural oils in there as well
but eventually shampoo was introduced to britain by
Sake Dean Muhammad UN agency created tiny retailers that were just about steam and brine baths either
way guys
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history we've come across great

people on places that have made a mark

on mankind and its development and today

we're going to visit a beautiful place

of culture entertainment in history a

city that is located in Maharashtra

India the city known as Mumbai now I'll

connect to the facts guys the channel we

look at cultures and people from all

over the world and today we are going to

look at one of the biggest cities in the


how's it going guys my name is Dave

waffle and welcome to another episode of

FTD facts the board to get into the

video here on FTD facts we take a lot of

recommendations from our fan base and

our community for example this video

alone was recommended by many of you

people like a voice a queen miss but

Chuck's garage bondage okay want to go

online I let's not forget the rest of

you guys a lot of you guys wanted us to

talk about Mumbai and before I begin

this video I also want to know from all

of you out there in the real world what

is your favorite place that you have

ever visited and why me

probably Boston owes like busses pretty

cool City now Mumbai is a beautiful

place set on a lovely coastline but

let's talk about the obvious its

population Mumbai is one of the current

35 cities listed as a mega city which

means they have a population of over 10

million the as of 2011 the city

currently has 12 point 4 million people

but it's a metropolitan population sits

that around 18 million people and that

makes it the eighth largest metropolitan

area in the entire world

there isn't going to stop there because

experts say by 2020 it will have 28

million people making it the largest

city in the entire world not some of you

guys might already know that mom I was

originally named Bombay now this change

happened in 1995 because leadership's

enough push for the name change because

they wanted to do away with the

connection of the old English rule great

old word Bombay comes from the

Portuguese word beautiful bank and it is

also rumored that Mumbai is named after

the mama Debbie temple which is in the

city itself

now just like many great cities Mumbai

is known for its great amazing culture


itself hosts a street festival called

Ganesh chat theory and it is one of the

biggest festivals in India the festival

itself occurs for ten days where

everyone just pretty much parties on

streets of Mumbai and it sounds like a

lot of fun now he is known for his

extensive railway system as a matter of

fact a lot of you guys have asked us to

talk about the railway system of India

that's from a boy it was the first city

to have a train and the first train was

introduced on April 6th of 1853 it ran

between bori Bunder because now the

Chhatrapati Shivaji terminal and ran all

the way to Seine and since then it's

drones is a massive train system and

transport system that it is known as

today however my training system is also

one of the most dangerous in the entire

world as the trains are outdated and

need much repair now Mumbai or back then

Bombay was first settled in 1507 now

funny part is it is realistically a

collection of islands seven islands to

be exact they were once known as the

seven islands of Bombay in the sixteenth


and they were part of the Portuguese

territories now at one point the islands

were handed over to the English as part

of a dowry now this was a dowry of

Catherine begins when she married

Charles the second and by 1668 charles

ii used to lend out the island for

pounds of gold a year about two hundred

years later in 1845 these islands had

been merged together under the land

reclamation project but what were the

original islands of Bombay they were the

island of Bombay colaba

old woman's Island or little Pallava

Mahim Mazza gone Carol and wooly you

also what makes Mumbai a very

interesting city compared to others one

thing for certain is the regi of Gandhi

Sea Link which is a cable-stayed bridge

now this

cost 240 million dollars and it took a

nine years to make but one of the most

fascinating things about this steel

cable bridge is that if you were to take

all the steel that is used in the bridge

it would encompass the girth of the

entire planet that is a lot of Steel and

on top of that one of the most amazing

things that makes Mumbai well well-known

throughout the entire world

it's in the heart of the city lies the

sanjay gandhi national park kind of like

Central Park in New York but way bigger

as it stands at 104 to longer Square and

it's not just a pretty park where you

can go and visit it's also a protected

zone and habitat which was established

in 1969 and it is believed that the park

itself is home to a thousand species of

plant 251 my Kotori bird species 50,000

insects 40 species of mammals and let's

not forget about the reptiles or the

amphibians as well

mmm bye is also greatly known for its

diverse architecture currently it has a

hundred six buildings that are 40 fours

or over with the highest being the twin

Imperial towers one and two coming in at

61 floors and being a height of 833 feet

but they aren't stopping there because

the city has planned for 89 new

buildings with world one aiming to be

the tallest coming out at 117 floors or

1,450 feet high and when it's finished

it will be the crown jewel of Mumbai and

speaking about building is what is the

most expensive building in Mumbai some

you may already know this that the

Antilla is the most expensive resident

or house in the entire world and we've

actually looked at this building in one

of our previous India videos the other

house is pretty much estimated to be

worth a billion dollars which has a

staff of over 600 and 600 rooms and

though it only has 27 worst it stands at

five hundred and sixty eight feet tall

not only are we talked about how

populated Mumbai is and with population

and crowd come difficulties in order to

deal with the crowds of rush-hour Mumbai

introduced the world famous skyline

apparently they are currently the only

city to have a skywalk

with 37 of them all over the city the

first one was constructed in 2008 and

they are meant to move commuting traffic

away from bus stations and shopping

malls and lastly to finish it off the

city is not great with its great economy

and the Bombay Stock Exchange is the

oldest Stock Exchange in all of Asia and

it was established in 1855 but then

moved to Delilah Street where it is

currently known in 1875 currently it

stands at the 11th largest Stock

Exchange in the world and it also claims

to be the world's fastest Stock Exchange

with trade speeds at 6 microseconds 
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Bible Facts

10. The Red Sea
     In the Book of Exodus God gives Moses thepower to part the red sea, allowing the Israelites to escape Egypt.
     US scientists have shown that the parting of the sea could have been caused by a natural
phenomenon known as ‘wind set-down’. This type of wind is strong enough to push back the sea and reveal a dry path of land, enabling people to walk safely. When researchers created a simulation of a
wind set down and applied it to the river, they discovered that an easterly wind blowing at 1010 KMPH for 12 hours would have pushed back the sea for four hours. And this would
have given the Israelites enough time to cross.
Sources: BBC, ABC News
9. Noah’s Ark
Noah designed associate ark sufficiently big to carry 2 of
every animal, to protect them against a huge
Based on the animals around at that time,
he would have saved around 35,000 species.
The bible states that the ark would have been
144 meters long. Scientists say that it’s
possible for a boat of this size to stay afloat
with 70,000 animals on board.
Carpenter John Huibers [HWE-BERS] spent three
years and $1.5 million building a full-scale
replica of Noah’s Ark. The ark is now a
tourist attraction in the Netherlands, boasting
2 cinemas and a restaurant.
Sources: The Guardian, The Telegraph, CNN
8. The Burning Bush
In the Book of Exodus a bush spontaneously
combusts before Moses and speaks to him as
the voice of God.
Physicist Colin Humphreys of Cambridge University
speculates that the bush - most likely an
acacia [AK-AY-SHIA] bush - happened to be
growing over a volcanic vent, which caused
it to burst into flames due to escaping heat.
Psychology professor Benny Shanon believes
that the voice of god detected by Moses was a
result of him taking a local hallucinogenic
substance. It would have been derived from
leaves of the ayahuasca [AY-A-WASCA] plant,
found in the location that the story takes
Sources: ABC News
7. Egypt’s 10 Plagues
God punished the Pharaoh of Egypt with 10
plagues after he was found guilty of ill-treating
the Israelites.
Each of the 10 plagues has now been proved
possible by science.
The River Nile turning into blood could have
been caused by the Burgundy Blood algae, which
causes water to turn blood red.
These algae may have attracted the frogs,
lice and flies. When stressed, tadpoles develop
faster in to frogs. As the frogs died, the
insects would have flourished.
Insects carry diseases which could have caused
plagues five and six - diseased livestock
and boils.
The final plagues could be due to one of the
biggest volcanic eruptions in human history,
which occurred 3,500 years ago, bringing hail
and locusts to Egypt.
Finally, a fungus that poisoned grain supplies
could have caused the death of the first born
of Egypt.
Source: The Telegraph
6. Genesis Flood
In the Book of Genesis God creates a huge
flood to wipe out human corruption by making
the Earth rain for forty days and forty nights.
As recently as ten,000 BC most of the modern
world was hidden under a layer of ice. A few
thousand years later, the planet warmed up.
Sea levels began to rise in 5000 BC and the
Mediterranean Sea rose high enough to flood
According to scientists behind this theory,
the water would have rushed in at 200 times
the force of Niagara Falls. This would have
submerged around 150,000 square kilometers
[58,000 sq mi] of land, killing thousands
of people.
Sources: The Guardian, Institute for Creation
5. Sodom and Gomorrah
In the bible God destroyed these two ancient
cities situated along the plain of the Jordan
River because of the sins of their inhabitants.
The Book of Genesis reports that ‘the Lord
rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and
fire out of the Heaven…’
In 2008 an ancient clay tablet was identified
as a witness account of an asteroid in 700BC.
The asteroid is believed to have crushed the
cities, which existed between what is now
Israel and Jordan.
Sources: Source: BBC History
4. Walls of Jericho
Jericho was the primary town to fall once the
Israelites, led by Joshua, conquered their
promised land.
Jericho was located in the middle of the rift
valley, an unstable area prone to seismic
activity. According to Dr. Amos Nur, the events
described in the bible are consistent with
known earthquake activity in the region.
Forensic anthropologist Michael Finnegan has
discovered Bronze Age remains of men who died
there, indicating earthquake activity right
around the time that the story would have
taken place.
Source: NY Times
3. The Healings
Jesus was known for his miracles, which healed
the sick. He cured fevers, arthritis, epilepsy,
and even restored a man’s ability to walk.
It is entirely possible that Jesus’ healings
could have been down to a placebo, or psychosomatic
In 2015 scientists managed to make a 26-year-old
paralyzed man walk for the first time in five
years. Neurologists essentially tricked his
brain in to thinking he could use his legs.
Sources: The Telegraph,
2. The Dead Rising
The bible lists ten separate occasions when
God bought people back to life.
However, it is extremely likely that the people
were ne'er dead within the initial place, and rather
that they had been presumed dead due to lack
of scientific knowledge.
Researcher William Tebb found that in the
17th century there were 219 instances of narrow
escapes from premature burial. There were
also 149 cases of actual premature burial,
10 cases in which bodies were accidentally
dissected before death, and two cases in which
embalming was started on the not-yet dead.
Sources: Bible Study/Premature Burial: How
It May Be Prevented
Source: BBC History
1. Jesus Walking On Water
One of the most recognizable miracles from
the bible is Jesus walking on water.
Partially submerged ice patches, known as
‘springs ice’, could be the cause of Jesus’
miracle. The thick, transparent ice forms
when salty springs flow into a freshwater
lake, preventing the lake from freezing entirely.
These conditions perfectly describe the Sea
of Galilee at the time of the miracle.
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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Shocking Snakes


       Rattlesnake send out a rattle as warning before they attack. This rattle scare away predators. The muscle which generates rattle can produce almost half million rattles continuously within 3 hours.
Snakes can see in the dark because of their natural ability to use infrared imaging to sense its prey. Dead Snakes can still bite hours after its head is removed. In such situation, they often can inject a large quantity of venom because of inability to regulate their venom. 

       Garter snake is the snake who face the worst situation to find the female. Almost 10000 males have to fight for one female. 

        Hognose snake is found to be the most good actor or actress snake which often fools its prey by pretending to be dead. 

         Cobra is considered to be the most aggressive snake in the world. It is also very venomous snake A drop of its venom can kill almost 50 humans.

         In Brazil there is an island where civilians are forbidden to go. It is called snake island . There are approximately 5 snakes per square meter on the island. Snakes use their tongues to smell. They have no ears and use vibration in the air and on the ground as alternative way to hear the sound. Snakes dont have eye lid therefore they have to sleep without closing their eyes. Snakes can survive up to 2 years without food. This is because of extremely low metabolism. They can take a month to digest a meal.

        Anaconda is the heaviest snake in the world. It weighs over 260 kg and can grow up to 30 feet. It is non venomous and they just swallow their prey Snake’s skin does not grow during its body growth process. When its body becomes bigger, it just becomes stretched. Eventually a snake’s skin reaches some extent wherever additional growth isn't potential. This is the point when snakes shed their skin. 

        Taipan is the most venomous on the planet and can kill 125 people, they are not aggrassive snakes, normally they don't attack humans.
       West Lake Restaurant is the largest Chinese restaurant in the world that serves 200 snakes in a week.


        Here are some interesting facts on Florida's venomous snakes that can be found in Florida the northern copperhead which also belongs to the pit viper subfamily like rattlesnakes and water moccasin has least potent venom. Bites are very painful, causing damage to muscle and bone tissue but they are rarely fatal!
       Antivenin could be used to treat an envenomation but usually it is not administrated for the copperhead bites. As the risk of complications of an allergic reaction to the treatment are greater than the risk from the snake bite itself, where in most cases the antivenin can cause an immune reaction called serum sickness which in itself can turn out fetal for the snake bite victim.

       The dusky pigmy rattlesnake is the smallest of the North American rattle snake species. Also known as the ground rattler or leave rattler which usually grows around two feet in length due to its size the pygmy rattlesnake is unable to produce enough venom to deliver a fatal bite to a human adult. A bite from a dusky pigmy rattlesnake will give its victim an unpleasant time for several days. However bites involving children have resulted in prolonged hospitalization with reports of necrosis or tissue decay. Antivenin does not appear to be effective in the treatment of pymy rattlesnake bites. However, tests on animal models confirmed that under the names such as crofab does seem to do a better job than ACP.

        The cottonmouth also known as water moccasin is Florida's most feared venomous snake due to 
its aggressive nature. These semi aquatic pit viper will often stand its ground when approached, display its fags and strike at anything within this proximity. the bike is generally more painful than the bite of a copper and potentially fatal if left untreated. Also death is rare, the venom has strong photolytic activity that can lead to severe tissue destruction and even require amputation of the victims extremity. Bites can be effectively treated the crofab antivenin. 
        This serum is derived using venom components from four species of American pit vipers such as the eastern and western diamondback rattlesnakes, the mojave rattlesnake snakes and the cottonmouth.

        The eastern diamondback rattlesnake is Florida's largest venomous snake, reaching over seven foot in length when fully grown. Equipped with a powerful set of fangs and a dose of potentially fatal hemotoxic toxic venom. These large rattlesnakes are also considered Florida's deadly venomous snakes, with a mortality rate around thirty percent if snake bite victims are not treaded in time. These snakes can reach a venom yield up to 450 milligrams with only 100 milligram of its venom needed to kill a healthy human adult. Regardless, his potentially fatal venomous snake might be considered Florida's most dangerous snake but the very same pit viper will display much of an aggressive behavior when left alone.
         The eastern coral snake might be considered Florida's most reclusive serpent but it also possesses the most toxic venom of any snakes found in North America. Coral snakes belong to the family of the lapis which includes the world's deadliest Craits, Cobras and Mambas. Bites from coral snakes are extremely rare with only a handful of reported fatalities in Florida. Ironically, the injected neurotoxic venom doesn't seem to cause much pain to the victim and therefore often being ignored and left untreated. But their neurotoxic venom is fast acting indeed, blocking the neurotransmitters of the victim's respiratory system, shutting down its air supply and suffocating the victim shortly thereafter. On a final note
          Florida's venomous snakes play an important part in our ecosystem and if left alone painful and even deadly snake bite can and will be avoided.

          Now we are going to find out what the fastest snake on land is. Just so ya know, it is also one of the most deadly and most feared in Africa. It is sometimes called the “kiss of death” or “the shadow of death”. Black Mamba is also considered to be the kind of snake who is very aggressive, poisonous and most importantly the fastest snake in the world. They can travel up to a speed of 23 km/h. It can attack up to 12 times in a row 
though one bite is enough to kill the human.
          Ok, now I have the hebie-jebies just thinking about coming across one of these snakes. I
think it’s time to go look up facts on a harmless animal.

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